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Don't be short-changed by your school's custom app

Thursday, 23 June 2022 by Weduc

Is there a genuine difference between the type of custom apps available for schools?

So you've seen other schools' custom apps and you've discovered just how useful they can be

But how do you choose from all the different custom branded school apps on offer?

Are they all pretty standard or is there a genuine difference in terms of the functionality they offer?


Is their beauty only skin deep?

Some custom apps aren't really customised. They offer you a branded outer 'skin' to your app but underneath it's just the same standard app that the company supplies to everyone. Don't be hoodwinked into paying for this as it's not the real deal!


Can you customise the content too?

A genuine custom branded app will allow you to choose the colours, font and add your school logo - but it will also allow you to customise the content of the app.

For example, by offering an app menu screen, designed in your school colours and featuring the sections that you want displayed eg. your PTA/Friends Group.


Can you download your school app from the App Store or Google Play?

Your school or trust logo becomes the icon and name for your app, available for everyone to see in the App Store or Google Play - as opposed to the icon of an edtech company. Not only does it reinforce your branding but it makes it even easier for parents to find and download your app.

The description in the app stores should be about your school, not your app supplier!

Weduc custom apps in App Store


Can you brand the login screen, loading screen, menu and all pages?

This is a must-have if you're creating a custom app. Your school's app should use every opportunity to reflect your school's ethos and branding. Otherwise, what are you paying for?!

Milby screenshots


Can you bring all your other systems into one app?

Schools can have a lot of systems on the go - and that means lots of logins to remember, passwords to forget and irate parents to deal with. But did you know that at Weduc we don't insist that you use our payments system, or our home learning system, our meal booking system or our parents' evening system

We appreciate that sometimes you have your favourites, so we have created a special area in our app called 'the hub' where you can include all your other systems. 


Can you use another language in your app?

A good app will allow you to provide the system itself in a choice of languages (Weduc currently offer 14 and schools regularly commission us to add new ones).


Can your custom branded app work for schools within a multi-academy trust?

We provide two options for trusts. Firstly, you could just have a custom branded app for every school but, if you're a big trust, that may prove too costly. Secondly, we can create a custom branded trust app, with each school within it. Parents would only see the schools that they have children at but your administrators get an overview of all the schools.


Remember: your school is unique, so your app should be too!

In summary, it's obvious that some companies just offer their own app with a different front end. That means it looks different on the outside, but inside it's just the same regular app that every other school uses. 

That means your school isn't getting the chance to shine and show off its unique character and ethos. 

It's also a waste of your money! Don't pay for nothing more than a quick and shallow facelift!


Who can create a genuinely unique app for your school?

At Weduc, we are unique in offering a genuinely unique custom app for your school. If each one wasn't unique, then we wouldn't be allowed to list it in the App Store and Google Play.

We know that every school is different; that's why we aren't precious about our app. Not only do we let you design it to suit your school's needs, but we also allow you to include links to other apps and systems you use in our Hub area.

We do all of this because our team is rooted in education. We know how stretched schools are and we aim to make your life easier.

So if you want to speak to one of our colleagues, just give us a call on 01509 221 349.

Or book an online chat here or send us a query here.

Or take a look at our webpage about our custom branded apps.

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