Leavers' assembly ideas

Friday, 16 June 2023 by Weduc

The class of 2023 are gearing up for their next educational adventure, which may be moving from Key Stage 1 to 2, Key Stage 2 to 3 or leaving formal schooling completely.

Transitioning into a new educational stage can be challenging for parents and pupils alike, an emotional time which needs to be celebrated.

In this article, we explore some of the best ideas for leavers assemblies and importantly the finishing song choice... tissues at the ready!


The best leavers' assembly ideas

The type of leaver’s assembly you coordinate can rely on several factors:

  • Time constraints.
  • Hall timetabling.
  • Staff availability.
  • Timetable clashes.

Below are 4 top ideas to give you inspiration for your own leaver’s assembly.


RosetteAward ceremonies

Focusing on the children for their efforts and hard work can be duplicated if you have a large cohort, focusing only on the positives (no ‘Class Clown’ awards). There are a number of templates and ideas you can find here



Poetry performance

Your assembly can be a celebration of all talents and interests your Year 6 or Year 2 cohort have. You may have budding poet laureates, short story writers or poetry performers. You can find a selection of children-appropriate performance poetry here.


musical notes

Artistic performances

Sticking with the celebration theme, encourage all your dancers, musicians, and singers to share their talent with the school via performance. Allow individual, pair or group performances, factoring in the nerves-element of whole-school performance that may need some coaching support.


theatreA play

If you have a traditional play that is often performed or a class who will benefit from the additional English lesson structure of learning a play to perform, there are a number of purchasable plays, complete with songs and soundtracks for your children and their families to enjoy.


6 leavers' assembly song ideas for 2023

We want something modern, and sentimental but something the children will know? We have collected our favourite 6 leaver’s songs for your children to practice, including videos with the full lyrics. As always, vet videos before sharing for incorrect spellings or any inappropriate language.


Feeling a little weepy?

Of course you are! It's an emotional time.

So check out these top tips about how to control crying in public!


Want to share videos/photos of the event - but safely?

Newsfeed montage

Make sure you have a communications system that allows you to easily share photos and videos - but only to the parents and carers of those students involved. 

A good communications system will allow you to post on your social-media style newsfeed to just one targeted group. It makes life easier - so you can just concentrate on keeping your composure!


Need a helping hand?

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