Accessibility, visibility and efficiency: the benefits of homework software

Thursday, 20 April 2023 by Weduc

It won’t be news to most teachers that the days of homework being patchy, black-and-white photocopied worksheets are long behind us. Instead, mass-produced monochrome paper has been replaced with digital technicolour – but what’s the best way to harness this shift in a way that works for students, teachers and parents? We believe it starts with intuitive homework software for schools.

What is school homework software?

There are many different iterations on the market, but essentially it acts as a digital homework planner allowing pupils to track their assignments and deadlines in one place. In other words, a homework app is an organiser – albeit one that’s much more interactive, accessible and impossible to lose. With the right features used in the right way, homework apps for schools offer much more than pupil organisation. But before we delve into the inner workings, let’s explore how tech is changing homework as a whole.

How is technology impacting homework?

Today’s students don’t know anything other than a world where we’re constantly connected to the internet – so it’s obvious that they would use a homework app to extend their learning outside the classroom. School homework software makes the whole process more interactive – enhancing students’ digital skills, making work easier to access and approach, and simplifying the admin process for students and schools alike. This shift is incredibly positive, but it’s also important to consider a balance of the real world and the digital world here. It’s easy to create homework that put students in front of a screen, but tasks that enrich their homelife and encourage interaction with parents and siblings can be equally valuable.

How does school homework software help students, parents and teachers?

The benefits of school homework software are three-fold, supporting each of these three audiences in valuable ways. First and foremost, it’s a time-saving tool for teachers. Apps allow them to easily set and communicate engaging tasks, set deadlines and monitor responses - helping staff focus on teaching instead of admin. Moving to the students, a homework app keeps all their assignments in one place so they can manage deadlines, submit work online and never have to worry about leaving their traditional paper planner on the bus. And if for any reason a student has to work remotely, the app also allows them to easily stay in touch to keep on track with their learning. Finally, homework apps for schools also help parents to feel more involved in their child’s education. Having full visibility of all work gives them a valuable insight into the learning process, and allows them to help children stick to their deadlines.

How does ReachMoreParents help manage homework?

Our homework app is a core element of the ReachMoreParents platform, designed to support all three key groups.

Teachers can…

  • Use words, images and embed links to other resources to create engaging homework that effectively complements classroom work.
  • Reuse past tasks and set in advance of classes, publishing on the relevant date.
  • Give access to other colleagues for effective collaboration.
  • Use reporting tools for assurance and grade analysis.
  • Benefit from the homework app as part of a complete communication platform .

Students can…

  • Track all their assignments from one place.
  • Submit their work online.
  • Access the app from their home devices.

Parents can…

  • Download the app for iPhone or Android from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Use Google classroom or MS teams to keep track of their child’s homework tasks, allowing them to get more involved in the learning process.

How can my school make the most of a homework app?

Click here to book a discovery call with a member of our team. They’ll take you through the benefits of homework software and all the other features of ReachMoreParents.

Alternatively, drop us a line via our enquiry form, or give us a call on 01509 221 349.



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