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Starting September smoothly: how to make your parents feel instantly valued

Saturday, 24 June 2023 by Weduc

The beginning of a new academic year marks the start of a new and exciting learning journey, new routines, and new parents to build positive working relationships.

Changing known routines can increase anxiety and create several nervous parents with plenty of questions. Begin your year off positively by engaging your parents in the opportunity for them to ask those questions, to feel heard and valued.

In this article, we explore 5 top survey ideas to engage your parents, reduce anxiety and positively impact your pupils.

5 useful surveys to send to your parents in September 2023

question markTop queries

Your new parents should ideally already be set up on their school communications app, ready to begin in September. This offers the perfect opportunity to engage in early 2-way communication to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Answering these questions early will save your front office team significant time at the beginning of the academic year by repeating information several times a day.

Publish a newsfeed post, invite your parents to ask any questions they may have about the new academic year (uniform changes, PE days, payment queries), following these questions up with a frequently asked questions post or video to address the concerns.

utensilsMenu options

Most schools have an online Meal Manager system of some sort. Engaging parents with the menu choice process can lead to a smooth things along and even increase payment numbers. Create a simple survey to ask about their child’s favourite meals and to gain the parents’ opinions on the healthy choices that should be available for their children.

book writingHomework

Homework can increase learning by up to 5 months if implemented correctly with purposeful home learning preparation and differentiation. Homework can also be a source of arguments and stress within the home due to not understanding the content or limitations on parents' time to help. A homework survey can help understand the amount, content, and challenge level their child receives can help to reduce homework stress.

sports clubAfter-school clubs

Many after-school clubs require additional payment and, therefore, can be a source of income for schools. By offering a voice to the parents to gain ideas of after-school clubs their child may be interested in participating in, the school is then able to meet the needs and interests of the pupils whilst increasing the potential for additional income.

teams callParent courses

Parents may find their child’s behaviour challenging at home or have noticed increased anxiety with the alterations to schooling in the last two years. They may be keen to participate in parent workshops to support behaviour or an aspect of the curriculum their child may find challenging. By gauging interest and need, the school can invest in outside experts to deliver the workshops, supporting the parents in areas they most need.

Surveys are an excellent method of gathering information and understanding the bigger picture for your pupils; by using ReachMoreParents survey feature, you can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions; then analyse the data to make impactful changes to your engagement strategy with your parents.

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