The benefits of school timetabling software

Tuesday, 17 October 2023 by Weduc

The advantages of using school timetabling software

Timetables play an essential role in the everyday running of schools. However, the manual process of creating a school’s timetable for the year ahead can take months. With multiple considerations all competing for space, not enough time in the day, and not enough staff to be everywhere all at once, the process of creating a timetable is a necessary evil.

However, times are changing and as technology takes up greater space in school life, schools are starting to embrace software that can take tasks like timetabling out of their hands. Keep reading to find out how school teacher timetable software can transform timetabling and help schools run more efficiently than ever before.


The ups and downs of manual timetabling

Many schools continue to do their timetabling manually because they believe doing so can give them a better oversight of what’s happening day-to-day. For example, they may not fully trust a software package to factor in specific requirements (such as teachers who only work specific days or pupils with access needs) or to know the school building better than they can.

The problem with this is that manual timetabling is so much more time and resource intensive than using software. It requires the timetabler to juggle so many balls at once that it’s just not possible to do without errors, and these errors eat up even more time if they go unnoticed by creating havoc at the start of a new term.

School timetabling software, however, doesn’t have to replace human input altogether. Instead, it can be used to significantly speed up the process, saving both time and money by getting the bulk of the job out of the way quickly and efficiently. Then, manual input can be used to take specific considerations into account. This manual input can be especially important for making sure the reasons for certain decisions are recorded. So that, if any changes need to be made down the line, these reasons can still be considered.


The power of school timetable software

However, timetabling software is no one-trick-pony. Good software, like that from ReachMoreParents, can do more than create a simple timetable. It can also be used to make the entire timetabling process digital, allowing students, parents, and teachers to check their timetable at any time, giving parents greater visibility over their child’s day-to-day.

Timetabling software is also much more flexible than a manual timetable can ever be. This lends itself to a time when new teaching styles and methods are being developed, as having a timetable that can be adapted can give teaching staff the freedom to try new things.

Of course, it’s also extremely beneficial for schools to have flexible technology at their disposal so that they can be ready for unexpected challenges. For example, during the pandemic it became clear that there was a digital divide between private schools and state schools that meant more affluent schools found it easier to adapt to digital learning. Flexible timetabling technology, however, should be a staple for all schools and provides a great way to digitally adapt when necessary.


Digital schools: Software timetable benefits

  1. Valuable data and insights

Timetabling software holds a wealth of data that your school can use to help with resource planning, facility booking, and overall school functioning. For example, when sudden problems arise, such as a teacher being off sick, timetabling software can be used to create a temporary plan for the students affected by making real-time adjustments that everyone can see.

  1. Greater visibility for parents

With a digital timetable that’s easily accessible for parents, pupils, and teachers, parents don’t need to rely on their children to tell them what they’re doing when, or to remember additional equipment they might need to take into school, such as cooking ingredients or PE kit. This can be particularly useful for children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD or dyslexia, who may find remembering what they need from day-to-day more challenging. Plus, during exam periods exams can automatically be added to the app, so parents can support their children with revision and getting to their exams on time.

  1. Reduced human error

Manual timetabling inevitably leads to human error. Timetabling software, however, will never double book a classroom. And if errors do ever occur, with timetabling software you have much greater visibility of capacity and room allocations, so they can be corrected quickly and easily.

  1. Improved data security

A school timetable is filled with all sorts of potentially sensitive information about staff, pupils, and schedules. However, school timetabling software should have inbuilt security settings to prevent data compromise.

  1. Everything in one place

The school timetable software from ReachMoreParents integrates seamlessly with your school’s MIS to make timetables easier to access for staff, students, and parents. That means one place for everything parents, teachers, and pupils need to know – making the school day run seamlessly.


It’s time to simplify school timetabling

Whether you’re looking to improve organisation, save time, save money, or enable more transparent communication, the School Timetable Software from ReachMoreParents could help you do all this and more.

To find out more about how you can help your school run smoothly with our School Timetable Software, click here to book a discovery call at a time that suits you, drop us a line via our enquiry form, or give us a call on 01509 221 349.

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