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Weduc launches new version of its app to increase parental engagement

Monday, 20 March 2023 by Weduc

Weduc is pleased to announce a complete redesign of its all-in-one parent app to increase parental engagement across UK schools and simplify the challenges of communication between families and educational institutions. 

An integrated part of Weduc’s ReachMoreParents platform, the new app sports a simpler, sleeker style, and boasts an easier to navigate, social media-like newsfeed which is primarily icon-driven to make it more inclusive and accessible to different social groups. The app’s intuitive newsfeed brings all key school information together for parents to scroll through and get up to date with the latest messages about their children’s progress, upcoming school trips, or parent-teacher evenings, in a range of languages. 

A new feature of pinned posts has been added within the app, enabling school staff to mark the most urgent communication, making it easier for time-poor parents to stay informed and avoid missing important updates or reminders, such as no-uniform days or food tech ingredients, for example. The pinned posts are placed at the top of the feed and once parents read them, they get a simple notification that they’re up to speed. 

Rob Pointen, CEORob Pointen, CEO at Weduc, said: “Everything we do here is with an aim to reach more parents and make it as easy as possible for them to stay updated with the latest school news. When life gets busy, it’s easy to miss communication from school, but that can impact student outcomes. Through our newly redesigned, fully customisable app, parents can benefit from having everything that’s important under one roof, in a familiar, simplified format, encouraging them to take a more proactive approach to their child’s learning experience.”

Adam Teall, Parental Engagement Lead at Cognita Schools, commented ‘The new version of the Weduc app is a huge stride forward in usability, consistency and general parent experience. The design is modern with many helpful changes and features that make using the app a pleasure. Parent needs and requests are at the heart of the new design and this is obvious all over – from folders in messages to the new dashboard, which surfaces the most relevant and time-critical information to the user the minute they open the app.”

For parents whose children go to different schools, the new app gives parents the option to choose which school communication they wish to look at. Without any technical know-how, they can engage with the content from multiple schools in one place, eliminating the need for separate apps. In addition, Reach More Parents multi-channel approach to parental communication means parents can receive reminders and notifications about their children not only via in-app messages but also social media platforms, text messages and emails, with the option to link school events to their own Google and Microsoft calendars. This feature is aimed at helping educational institutions engage even the smallest minority of parents who are the hardest to reach.

“At Weduc, we pride ourselves on reaching more parents than any other system currently on the market”, adds Pointen. “We offer multiple integrations with other apps so that parents can save time by only having to check one place for all aspects of school life.”

In contrast to other school communication providers, Weduc offers UK-based customer support to not only school staff but also parents. Whether it’s a password reset, first-time sign-up, or a non-technical query, parent users can contact Weduc for assistance via email or telephone.  This is designed to limit the pressure on stretched school staff who can instead focus on important work.

Alongside the app redesign and to further enhance its customer support, Weduc has recently launched a series of how-to-guides. The new app is being rolled out free of charge across the company’s existing customer base, which includes over 500 primary, secondary, and independent schools as well as multi-academy trusts. Parents whose schools have implemented the communication solution can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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